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6 Snapchat Names You Have To Follow

Not all of our friends can be totally awesome all the time, which is why our Snapchat feeds usually aren’t that great to watch; someone went to a party, someone had a puppy, and someone had to evacuate the library after a stupid freshman pulled the fire alarm again. Same-ish, different day.

I think we could all use a bit more swag, humor, creativeness, and just dopeness
in general in our Snapchat feeds, which is why I’ve cooked up a list of 7 Snapchat names to follow over Thanksgiving break. These accounts are bound to add some flavor and spark to your feed, and maybe even inspire you to go all out on your snaps from now on!

Either way, these accounts will help you survive all of the family, awkwardness, and hugging that Thanksgiving brings each year. Here’s hoping we make it out alive (and not 20 pounds heavier)!

1 @hannahstocking

She’s a model, she’s Instafamous, she’s super fine, and dayyyuummm look at dat thang in the back!

Hannah Stocking is soooo worth your time on Snapchat; I mean, just peep her Instagram profile. If you’re into fitness and want to be up to date on new workouts or just looking for health tips, give her a follow; she’s got some health and beauty tips that ladies will love, and I know the guys don’t mind seeing her snaps in their feed.

She’s got a lot of Vine-famous friends as well, and she’s hangs out with them regularly, so expect to see some people you recognize in her Stories. Hannah also loves to Snapchat her daily adventures, which include amazing hikes near Los Angeles, insane Uber drivers, amazing parties, and crazy club nights where everyone gets a bit too turnt.

Hannah Stocking is all you need to get through Thanksgiving break, trust me.

2 @geeohsnap

If you’re into art, love drawings, or just want to see someone be completely awesome and original on Snapchat, follow this young Norwegian prodigy. Some popular accounts don’t upload content every day, but geeohsnap (or Geir Ove Pedersen, as the government knows him) does, and his content is always engaging.

What he does is take a snap of whatever is going on around him and draws on the pic to completely change the context of the snap, and it’s freakin’ sweet! For example, he took a photo of some house being built and drew his recurring character “Mr. Grumpy” (kinda looks like a giant bear and a giant buffalo mashed together in a cute way) behind it, ‘lifting’ up the as of yet unbuilt roof to peer inside the home.

He took some house being built, which is not really worth capturing, and gave it some flavor with his art, and just looking at the picture brightens your day; Mr. Grumpy will always make you smile, and it’s very refreshing.

His snaps take between ten minutes and half an hour to compose, and clearly it’s worth the effort, as he has landed a few brand deals, including one with Air France, so he’s becoming a pretty big deal. He’s got talent coming out of his pores and is more than worth a follow on Snapchat.

His art may even inspire you, so check him out.

3 @lacma_museum

When you think of a museum, the words “boring”, “slow” and “I can’t even” probably pop up in your head, but this Snapchat account will change your view on museums for sure. Rather than just taking snaps of the art on display ( “ugh, boring…”), the Snapchat account manager for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (or LACMA, as it is known) includes slang and even lyrics from popular songs as the captions, adding a humorous touch that helps give young people a new perspective on art.

The account doesn’t post every day, but there are usually a few posts each week, and you know you’re about to have a few laughs when you view LACMA’s Story. Whether you appreciate art or not, this is an account you have to follow to survive Thanksgiving break.

4 @nowthisnews

If you’re the type of person who loves to stay up to date on what’s going on around the world all the time, follow Now This News’ Snapchat account. This young news outlet was probably the first news account on Snapchat, and they sure know how to create content perfectly oriented for the app.

All news updates consist of a photo with captions and drawing on it, giving you digestible details about all news stories arising that day. In a matter of seconds, you can receive updates on whatever is going on around the world, which is perfectly suited for the young generations on Snapchat.

If you’re on the go or have a moment to yourself during Thanksgiving, and you want to quickly catch up on the what the world is up to, follow nowthisnews on Snapchat.

5 @wakaflockaveli

Waka Flocka Flame is such a dope person, and worth a follow on Snapchat. You get to view some otherwise unknown parts of his life, whether he is chilling at home (very rarely, though), in the studio, or out doing Waka Flocka things.

He’s smart, talented, funny, honest, and has many wise gems to share with his followers, and I’ve found an increased respect for the man after seeing some of his Stories. He’s a diligent and dedicated artist, so his snaps can be infrequent at times, but they’re worth the wait when they do come along.

If you’re with your family on Thanksgiving, and you’re not having the Turntsgiving you always wanted, check out Waka’s Stories. You’ll get an insider’s look on his life and get an idea for how awesome your life is when you’re a “Turn Up God”, as he is known these days.

6 @Rickthesizzler

So Justin Bieber is on Snapchat, and whether you love him or hate him, give his account a peep and see what he’s up to; it surely is more entertaining than hearing Uncle Marv tell you about his arthritis.

I’m going to assume you’ll hate-watch his Stories, which is acceptable; just don’t let your bros know you’re following the Beebs. He’s got an extravagant lifestyle, and we both know you kinda want to see it; if you don’t tell, I won’t.

During Thanksgiving break, you’re going to need a reprieve from all of the family and food and football. During your me-time, you’re bound to go on your smartphone, so you might as well see what’s going on on Snapchat.

Oh, looks like your feed is full of the same old boring stuff. If you’d followed any of the accounts mentioned above, your feed would be so much better and you’d have a much more enjoyable experience on Snapchat.

Thanksgiving may seem like a walk in the park, but without following these Snapchat names, you may find yourself stranded in a sea of family with which there is no escape. These six accounts are a life preserver that you desperately need, so follow them before it’s too late!

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